Reconstructive Surgery

Surgical Services Provided by Board Certified Surgeons

When non-invasive treatments won't fix your heel problems, we offer reconstructive surgical procedures to address the issues you are dealing with. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we can treat you with minimal pain and disruption to your normal routine.

Reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle can help:

  • Reduce foot and ankle pain
  • Prevent further deformity
  • Prevent disease
  • Regain full function to your feet and ankles

Conditions Frequently Requiring Surgery

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Whether you need tendon repair, bone fusion, joint implantation, soft tissue repair, or other treatments for painful foot problems, our reconstructive surgery can stabilize and repair your bones and restore your pain-free life. Are you ready to get back to your normal life? Don't wait another day! Call us at (815) 675-9090 to set an appointment to meet with our doctor and determine the proper treatment for your foot pain.