Foot and Ankle Physician

Board Certified American Board Lower Extremity Surgery

Full Service foot and ankle care (To give you an idea):

  • Skin care:  Athletes foot, warts, dermatitis, dry skin, corns, calluses, and infections.
  • Wound care:  Trauma, diabetic lesions, infections, foreign bodies.
  • Nail care:  Ingrown nails.
  • State of the art laser therapy: Multiwave Locked System (MLS). Non-surgical treatment. No negative side effects. Rapid results. Speeds healing process. “The wave of the future in pain management.” Truly amazing.
  • Surgery:  Fractures, bunions, hammer toes, cysts, sprains, tendon repairs, crush injuries, work comp injuries, ingrown toenails, plates, screws, pins, and implants.
  • Injuries:  Sprains, fractures, strains, plantar fascitis.
  • Orthotics:  Prefabricated. Custom.
  • x-ray:  On site.
  • Surgical Suite:  On site. Minor procedures.
  • Work Comp:  Accepted.
  • Nerve conditions:  Tarsal tunnel, neuropathy, nerve entrapment.